The Signatory Mattress

The Signatory Mattress at CushyLife.comOur bestseller, the Signatory Mattress, is truly a life-changing experience.

The Mattress Springs

The Signatory mattress by Vispring comes with over three-thousand virgin Vanadium springs that 1.97 inches in diameter sewn into individual calico cotton pockets and hand formed into a honeycomb nested unit.  The Signatory mattress comes with not one but two layers of springs providing all that more love to support you on a great nights sleep.


The Mattress Border

Overall the mattress is 9.1 inches deep with four rows of genuine hand side stitching.  Eight horizontal handles on the Queen Size and larger mattresses give plenty of opportunity to move the mattress if necessary.   With working air vents on all sides to provide ample ventilation througout the mattress.  The border of the mattress is upholstered with coir and wool for support and it is hand-finished with piped ticking.


What’s In The Signatory Mattress

The mattress is upholstered with 3.0ox/ft2 of a blend of real Shetland Isle wool and cotton and then an additional 1.5ox/ft2 of hand teased long stranded horsetail which is enclosed in a hair proof cambric cotton cover.  The mattress is then layered with 2.0oz/ft2 of hand teased Shetland fleece wool and cotton and then it is all covered with an exceptional silk and cotton blended ticking.  Finally, the mattress is hand tufted with hand tied woolen tufts and twine.



The 2015 Pantone Color Of The Year

How To Use The 2015 Pantone Color Of The Year In Your Home

0:15 – Michelle Whaley introduces the 2015 Pantone Color Of The Year, Masala 18-1438.
0:37 – The spiritual but grounded nature of Masala 18-1438.
0:56 – While Marsala is beautiful, it also appeals to all genders.
1:40 – Using Marsala in textures and with complimentary colours.
2:31 – Bringing a Marsala room together using the right art.
3:05 – Pairing Marsala with tangerine and lilac colours.

Subtitle: Michelle Whaley of Michelle Whaley Design gives viewers a sneak peek at ways the 2015 Pantone color of the year can be used in their homes. She gives advice on how to use Marsala, a beautiful and unisex color, and pair it with tangerine and complimentary colors.

Description: Michelle Whaley introduces the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, to viewers. She gives tips on how to incorporate Marsala into home design. She gives examples of ways Marsala works with complimentary colors, and provides advice on how to include artwork that works with the color to give your home the best look and feel possible.

Introducing Marsala 18-1438

Hi! This is Michelle Whaley, and I’m very excited to introduce you today to Pantone’s new colour of the year for 2015, called “Marsala, Color 18-1438,” and what a beautiful colour this is. It’s a wine red with a brown undertone, and it has a very earthy, grounded influence to it, yet it’s very sophisticated as well. I could see using this as silk draperies in a living room, or even in fashion as a beautiful woman’s dress.

A Spiritual But Grounded Colour

Pantone has explained their introduction of their colour this year related to our need for rootedness and nurturing. It feeds our mind and our body and our soul, so there’s a very spiritual component to this grounded colour as well.

Marsala is Beautiful and Unisex

The reason that I love this colour so much for decorating, is that I can really see women relating easily to this colour. We can use it for makeup, it’s an easy color to use, and also for instance, a trench coat. In fashion. For a beautiful blouse. Also, men could love this colour. You could easily see a man wearing this as a tie, or a shirt, or even men’s shoes. I love that both men and women can enjoy this colour and select it as a colour to use in the décor in their home.

Textures and Complimentary Colours

It would be a gorgeous colour just in a simple plush texture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a pattern that has this colour in it, but just beautiful plush textures. I can even say leathers in this colour would be beautiful. It works really nicely with complimentary colours, like teals and the blue-greens. I’ll show you an example here.

Here’s a floral that has the marsala color paired with aquas and some other tones. The creams, and putting that with this beautiful small scale geometric in marsala, and once we pair these two types of colours together, it’s gorgeous to introduce a simple aqua texture. Here we have a beautiful rug with the cream detail in a large scale geometric.

Tropical Zest – Art and Marsala

Then this is a great piece of art called “Tropical Zest.” You can see the marsala colour here introduced with some aquas, as well as some soft sort of khaki greens, as well as these tangerines and cobalt blues.
It’s actually a great piece that we have in the store right now, you can see it on the wall and it’s just absolutely beautiful. It pairs with so many different things. I love this grouping, I love this way of using the marsala. That warm, earthy, ready brown with the fresh aquas and cooler tones.

Pairing Marsala With Tangerines

The other way you can do it, which is interesting, is with tangerines. Here, we’ve started with this floral with this almost grey animal print in the background to neutralize it, and it has the tangerines and the marsala colour in the centre of the floral. Paired here with this Ekat gate-type pattern. Again, with that tangerine and marsala. When we have these two patterns it’s nice to pair it with a solid texture, just in that beautiful colour.

Isn’t this a great new painting here? It looks like a manipulated photograph, but that sky and that gorgeous, deep, reddy brown and the tangerine as the water. What a lovely rug, too here, from JAIPUR rugs. Again, we have this beautiful colour in the middle, and the tangerine, and we’re introducing it in a large scale geometric pattern. I love that use of it as well.


You can also use the new marsala colour with various shades of lilacs and purples, as well as for certain shades of khakis and greens. It just looks absolutely beautiful. I think it’s going to be a great new colour. I’m very excited to use it in this upcoming year or two, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks very much, and this is Michelle Whaley.

The Great Big Down Sale Is On! Duvets, Pillows, Featherbeds Until Nov 15th, 2014

The Great Big Down Sale Only At CushyLife

At the end of a very stressful day, do you crawl into bed and immediately feel relaxed?

We do.  And it’s because of the duvets and pillows we have on our beds.  We love our duvets and pillows so much that we travel with them where ever we go.  Canmore for the weekend.  San Diego.  Last summer we took a three week road trip and had four separate duvets in the truck for all of our hotel stays.  Our duvets are just that fabulous.

That’s why we’re pretty excited about the current promotion we have going on!

We’ve arranged an exclusive special only for CushyLife clients.  From now until November 15th, all down duvets, pillows and featherbeds are 20% off.

Please don’t delay as the last time we ran a promotion like this we quickly ran out of stock.  So come on down to the store, or email to get yours today.

We managed an exclusive deal with our favourite supplier St. Geneve.  I think the last time we managed to arrange something like this for our clients was back in 2009 so we’re not sure when we’ll be able to do something like this again.  These are the duvets and pillows that my family loves.  (And yes, my wife and I each sleep under a twin duvet. No tugging and pulling!)  If you are sleeping under a duvet that makes you hot (or cold) if the thermostat moves just a smidge then you really need to think about upgrading to the highest quality down duvets and pillows that we’ve ever seen on the market and we’ve seen alot.

I encourage you to stop in the store or call.  Or email  These down duvets, pillows and featherbeds are items that you’re going to have for a very, very long time.




Why Do You Sleep Under a Twin Duvet Cover?

Q. Michelle, rumor has it you and your husband sleep under two twin duvet covers? What gives? Are you getting a divorce?

A. LOL. I hope NOT! Did you know that in North Americans are one of the few cultures to sleep together, under the same bed, under the same blanket? Jonathan and I prefer a more European style which is two separate duvet covers. We sleep on our fabulous Vispring mattress which really minimizes how much I feel him move at night. But the addition of two twin duvet covers completely cuts down the tug-of-war we have on the covers all night. I highly recommended it. And when we want to get “fresh” it’s real easy to sneak under the covers.

New Luxury Bedding At CushyLife

Chardonnay Girls Room

We just had some great new Luxury Bedding arrive at the store from Designers Guild out of the UK. We brought Designers Guild to Calgary back in 2005 and are proud to represent the brand. In 2013 we will be bringing in more of the brand. More duvet covers. More rugs. More…everything. So stay tuned.

Can we help you with your bedding needs? Please feel free to call us at the store at 403-283-9992. Or you may text us at 403-689-9387. Or you can email us at

Or finally, you may fill out this really cool form right here. When you click “Submit” at the bottom your question will get emailed to us immediately. Thanks!

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